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Metal Production & Casting (3312-MP)
Metal Production & Casting
The primary metals industries include facilities that produce metal products from metal ore and / or scrap metal. Plants may refine metals, cast molten metal into desired shapes, or produce the inputs for the refining or casting process. Primary metals industries utilize both ferrous and ...
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Houston Branch Relocated September 2018

Architectural, Interior Design, Furniture

Architectural, Interior Design, Furniture
Plastics are used in a wide variety of architectural and design applications ranging from lighting, furniture, glazing, and artwork. There are limitless design possibilities that employ decorative materials in a variety of colors, textures and themes. These products are suited to design projects in commercial offices, restaurants, hotels & high-end residences. We offer Sheets, Rods & Tubes, as well as, high-quality fabricated products to meet your design specifications.
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