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Upgrading your home aquarium is easy with our acrylic materials, self-sinking tubing and tools for bending, cutting and gluing. Perfect for the DIY builder.

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    • CAST Acrylic Sheets -are offered in Clear, Black, White, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and more. Acrylic applications include: picture frames, store displays, furniture, shelving, windows, barriers, shields, replacement glass and aquariums. Clear Acrylic s is optically transparent, unaffected by moisture, and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, and can be easily heat-formed without loss of optical clarity. Prolonged exposure to moisture, or even total immersion in water, does not significantly effect its' mechanical or optical properties.

      Why use CAST Acrylic verses EXTRUDED Acrylic ?
    • Continuous Service Temp: 180° F (Cast) vs. 160° F (Extruded)
    • Formability Temp: 340° F to 380° F (Cast) vs 290° F to 320° F (Extruded)
    • Cast acrylic has a higher molecular weight, therefore it will cut, drill and rout cleaner.
    • When machining cast acrylic, shavings will flake off whereas extruded acrylic shavings may gum up on the tool.
    • Cast acrylic also offers better glue-joint effectiveness and performs better in laser cutting.
    • Plexiglass (Plexglass Sheet) Extruded Acrylic Sheet is a glazing, signage, window or display material that is strong, moisture resistant & is more clear than glass. Plexiglass acrylic sheets can also be heat-formed without loss of optical clarity. Plexiglass sheets are economical, impact-resistant and can be precision-cut to size. If you need plexiglass, don't go to Home Depot or Lowes, call a "Professional".

      Not sure which plexiglass color to choose ?
      Plexiglass image on right of page will change when you have selected a Color, Size and Tolerance
    • Note: Not all colors are available in all thicknesses. (.125" & .250" are most common for colors)

      Translucent, Transparent or Opaque Colored Plexiglass ? - Which do you want ? - See Color Chart
    • Translucent Plexiglass = Light & Shadows can be seen through Sheet.
    • Transparent Plexiglass = Images can be viewed through sheet (like tinted glass)
    • Opaque Plexiglass = Neither light nor images can be seen through the sheet.

      "Plexiglass" is often used as a generic term for acrylic. Spelled as Plexiglas® (one S) it's the Arkema brand name. Spelled as "plexiglass" (two SS's), it's generic acrylic. We offer; Acrylite® FF, & Lucite® CP brands. Professional Plastics offers precision cut-to-size plexiglass delivered direct to your door. Plexiglass sheet is a versatile material that has many residential, commercial, industrial, and professional uses. Professional Plastics is a local plexiglass supplier with 19 locations in Fullerton (Los Angeles/Anaheim), San Jose, Sacramento, New York, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Cleveland, Utah, Montana, Singapore & Taiwan. Buy direct from Professional Plastics and have it cut-to-size and delivered straight to your door.
    • Polycast general purpose cast acrylic sheet. General Purpose Acrylic Sheet
      Polycast general purpose acrylic sheet is a cost effective material used in the construction of a wide variety of products.
    • ABS Sheet (General Purpose ABS Sheets) is offered by Professional Plastics in a wide range colors & grades. Sheets are produced in monolayer and co-extruded multilayer. Stocked in Standard Black and White with Hair Cell Finish on 1 Side. Custom colors also available. Custom formulations can be combined to provide performance an cost saving options such as Virgin Cap + Utility Base, Low Gloss (matte) Cap + Utility Base, and Custom Color Cap + Utility Base.
    • Standard Finish is Hair Cell 1 Side (Textured 1 Side, Smooth 1 Side)
    • General Purpose Forming Grade ABS Sheet is Durable and Easily Vacuum-Formed
    • Acetal Sheets and Acetal Rods (aka POM) acetal copolymer provides high strength and stiffness coupled with enhanced dimensional stability and ease of machining. As a semi-crystalline material, acetal is also characterized by a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties especially in wet environments. Because of its high strength, modulus, and resistance to impact and fatigue, Acetal is used as a weight-saving metal replacement. Acetal copolymer overcomes the common problem of centerline porosity in large shapes of Acetal Homopolymer (aka Delrin)
      • Acetal Copolymer is preferred to Delrin® (Acetal Homopolymer) where centerline porosity is a concern.
      • Acetal Copolymer is produced under several brand names including Celcon®, Ultraform® & Acetron®.
    • Acrylic Strip Heater - An acrylic plastic sheet can be placed on these heavy-duty strip heaters until it is soft and pliable enough to bend to the desired form. Capable of heating sheets up to 1/2" thick. Easy to use, this professional grade acrylic strip heater is great for everything small jobs to high-volume production.
      Two Models EMX-1 & EMX-2
    • EMX-1 P/N 80-4814 - 34" long x 7" wide - 500 Watts - 115AC Volts
    • EMX-2 P/N 60-4816 - 48" long x 7" wide - 625 Watts - 115AC Volts
    • Cast Acrylic is highly regarded for its optical clarity and outstanding light transmission properties. These Cast Acrylic Tubes are used in many applications in place of extruded or molded Acrylic because of better machining properties, greater clarity, better resistance to heat distortion and higher tensile strength.
    • ACRYLITE® AR acrylic sheet, continuously manufactured sheet, offers excellent optical clarity and high impact strength with abrasion and chemical resistant properties. It resists marring and scratching from everyday public contact, daily cleanings, and airborne dirt and dust. It is useful for numerous applications, including P-O-P displays, store fixtures, menu boards, flat panel display monitors, signs & directories, LCD screens, and framing.
      ACRYLITE® AR P-99 sheet combines abrasion and chemical resistance with non-glare properties for easy viewing. It is ideal for picture framing and sign applications.
      ACRYLITE® Abrasion Resistant, Optical Grade acrylic sheet is continuously manufactured acrylic sheet offering outstanding optical performance. Its high optical quality, light weight and excellent impact strength make it the preferred material for LCD's, PDA's, projection television screens and multimedia displays.
      ACRYLITE® Non-Glare, Abrasion Resistant, Optical Grade acrylic sheet minimizes glare with a matte finish and resists scratching with an abrasion resistant coating. Used exclusively in the optoelectronics market.
    • Acrylite® GP acrylic sheet is cell-cast sheet made to exacting standards, offering excellent optical characteristics, light stability and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. ACRYLITE GP sheet is available in a wide range of standard sizes and thicknesses at low minimum order quantities.

      With Acrylite GP sheet, Evonik can match any custom color providing designers with unlimited options to achieve distinctive and dramatic effects, especially when combined with creative lighting strategies.
    • Aluminum shapes (aluminum plates, bars & profiles) are available for online purchase from Professional Plastics.

      Aluminum 6061 is a heat-treatable grade widely used in light to medium strength structural applications. The alloy has good corrosion resistance and weldability and possesses good formability in the 0 to T4 tempers. 6061 does lose appreciable strength when welded and it is replaced by the 5000 series alloys where afterweld strength is a prime consideration. 6061 is used in structural areas where both strength and corrosion resistance is required, truck bodies and frames, and towers.

    • Price & Availabilty of Metals & Alloys is subject to change.
    • Send your Request for Quote Today
    • Professional Plastics has warehouse and logistics capabilities in the USA, Singapore and Taiwan.
    • Adhesive Applicator Syringe - 2-oz Bottle Plasticator with standard 22-gauge metal needle. *Preferred by fabricators. Uses hypodermic-type needle to quickly and evenly apply thin water thin adhesives to plastics such as acrylic. Also available in 25 gauge & 18 gauge needles.
    • Items sold on this page are APPLICATORS ONLY - Weld-On adhesives are sold separately.
    • AquaKing Tubing is a unique self-sinking tubing for aeration systems, is manufactured to deliver air into a pond, lagoon or lake bed from an electric aerator, windmill or other types of aeration systems.

      The rising air bubbles from an aeration system, using the AQUAKING self-sinking bottom-feeder tubing, adds life-giving oxygen to the water and creates an essential circulation pattern. The result is healthier fish, reduced algae growth, fewer dissolved toxic gasses, less odor and elimination of stagnation.

      AQUAKING self-sinking tubing is constructed of heavy, negative-buoyancy, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. AQUAKING tubing descends to the bottom of the pond, lagoon or lake without the use of extra weights.
    • Brillianize Instant Detailer
      The World's Only Wet/Dry Instant Detailer and Plastics Polish. 'Cleaning Mobility At It's Best'
    • Use these buffing compounds to polish plastic materials such as plexiglass. Used with a buffing wheel to produce high-quality, clear-edge finishes. Supplied in large 2 pound bars, this buffing compound should last through many successful projects.
    • Red Tripoli Buffing Compound / approximately 2 lb bar. Recommended for use on rough edges like saw cut edges followed by the White or Blue Rouge for Finished edges. P/N 1106755
    • Buffing Compound Blue Rouge approx 2lb bar for finish or final buffing. Preferred by plastic fabricators! Use after Tripoli. P/N 1106756
    • White Rouge Buffing Compound / approximately 2 lb bar. Recommended for final polishing. Contains no abrasives. P/N 1106757
    • Jewelers Red Rouge approx. 2lb bar. Thicker and moister than the Red Tripoli. Often used by jewelry makers, but good for plastics too. P/N 1106768
    • Buffing Kit - P/N 1106019
      Remove haze and fine scratches from plastic surfaces. Can also be used to edge polish. Kit contains 4" diameter sewn cloth wheel for 1/4" drills and a 2-oz stick of buffing compound.
    • Arbor adapter not included in Standard Buffing Kit
      See Instructions on back of card for use.
    • Use Arbor Adapter - P/N 1106053 (sold seperately) or by purchasing Upgrade Buffing Kit Package (best value) includes both the Buffing Wheel Kit & Arbor Adapter
    • Circular Saw Blades - For Cutting Sheet Plastic Without Chipping Or Melting. Carbide-tipped, plastic cutting blades make smooth clean melt-free cuts in a variety of plastics.
    • P/N 1106064 - Plasti-Cut Blade 7.25"diam x 60 tooth x 5/8" arbor
    • P/N 1106065 - Plasti-Cut Blade 10"diam x 80 tooth x 5/8" arbor
    • P/N 1106066 - Plasti-Cut Blade 12"diam x 100 tooth x 1" arbor
    • P/N 1106067 - Plasti-Cut Blade 14" diam x 100 tooth x 1" arbor
    • Craftics Heavy Duty Plasticutter
      Larger, heavier blade for easier cutting of acrylic up to 1/4" thick. Blade folds into handle for safe storage.
    • Just score (aka scribe), and snap on straight edge.
    • Craftics Swivel Blade Plasticutter
      Hardened steel blade scores and cuts acrylic up to 1/4" thick. Swivel blade folds away safely for storage, yet stays in place when scoring. Simply score material and break along straight line.
    • Cutting boards are made from premium HDPE sheet with a textured surface. Sanitary HDPE cutting boards are used in a wide of applications -- from home use to commercial food preparation, and food packing & handling equipment.
      HDPE can be ordered in three standard sheet sizes:
    • 48" x 96" sheets (gauge sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1")
    • 48" x 120" sheets (gauge sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1")
    • 60" x 120" sheets
      We also offer custom-cutting services to provide you with the exact sheet size you need.
    • Professional Plastics offers generic cutting boards as well as, premium brands such as Sanatec, Sanalite & King.
    • Densetec Playground Board is making a big splash in the playground industry. The variety of bright contrasting colors make it perfectly suited to this environment where high impact colors are required. Because the color is embedded in the sheet, it never needs painting. Especially with the rigors and abuse that children inflict upon playground equipment, this material lasts much longer than wood.

      The versatile properties of Densetec Playground Board make it virtually vandal resistant. The UV stabilizers added to the material make the colors fade-resistant and the standard properties of the HDPE used in the production of Densetec Playground Board make it weather-resistant and the perfect choice for outdoor environments.

      Design potential is unlimited with Densetec Playground Board.

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