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AquaKing self-sinking tubing

OVERVIEW of AquaKing self-sinking tubing

AquaKing Tubing is a unique self-sinking tubing for aeration systems, is manufactured to deliver air into a pond, lagoon or lake bed from an electric aerator, windmill or other types of aeration systems.

The rising air bubbles from an aeration system, using the AQUAKING self-sinking bottom-feeder tubing, adds life-giving oxygen to the water and creates an essential circulation pattern. The result is healthier fish, reduced algae growth, fewer dissolved toxic gasses, less odor and elimination of stagnation.

AQUAKING self-sinking tubing is constructed of heavy, negative-buoyancy, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. AQUAKING tubing descends to the bottom of the pond, lagoon or lake without the use of extra weights.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of AquaKing self-sinking tubing

AQUAKING Self-Sinking Aeration System Tubing
  • Self-sinking without extra weights (lead free)
  • Manufactured from specially formulated polyvinyl chloride
  • Available in a variety of sizes (3/8" to 1-1/2" I.D. custom order basis)
  • Black color only
  • (AQUAKING TUBING) AquaKing self-sinking tubing
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