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Acriplex™ EX 75 (impact modified)

OVERVIEW of Acriplex™ EX 75 (impact modified)

Acriplex™ EX 75 impact-modified acrylic sheet from Professional Plastics offers superior impact-resistance than standard acrylic sheets. The result is longer-life and greater safety in glazing applications where impact is a potential threat. Applications include Golf Cart Windshields, UTV windshields, off-road vehicle windshields, equipment screens, and other transparent glazing needs. Generally, PMMA is very hard material. Hardness is reduced with addition of the modifier as it imparts it's elastomeric structure into the polymer matrix. The impact modifier also slightly reduces transparency in accordance with the percentage of modifier that is added to the base PMMA resin. This modifier also slightly lowers the color value in whiteness and yellowness Index. These transparency and brightness changes are minimal, and meet industry standards for impact-modified acrylic sheet. Please contact contact customer service for samples and pricing. Professional Plastics provides Acriplex™ EX 75 sheets and cnc fabricated parts to customer specifications.

Acriplex™ is a trade name of Professional Plastics, Inc., and all Acriplex™ products meet the highest standards for quality and consistency.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Acriplex™ EX 75 (impact modified)

Applications of Acriplex™ EX 75 impact modified acrylic sheet:
  • Golf Cart Windshields
  • UTV windshields
  • Off-road vehicle windshields
  • Equipment screens
  • Impact-resistant transparent glazing
  • Available in sheets and fabricated parts to customer specifications.
  • (Acriplex™ EX 75 (impact modified)) Acriplex™ EX 75 (impact modified)
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