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Acrylite® Marker Board

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ACRYLITE Marker Board is a high quality acrylic sheet with unsurpassed chemical and abrasion resistance. It cleans easily and maintains its durability for years of continued use. At 10 to 20 times more impact resistant than glass, it is a safer alternative for high-traffi c areas while off ering the same sophisticated appearance.

Visibly more elegant than standard white board substrate materials, ACRYLITE® Marker Board can be framed or unframed as wall mounted or stand alone units. Easily fabricated into various shapes, it provides unlimited design options to satisfy every need. When used as offi ce window glazing, it becomes functional as well as decorative.
  • Colors: Available in Both CLEAR (92% Light Transmission) and Translucent White (30.9% Light Transmission)
  • Standard Sheet Size: 48 inch x 96 inch (1220mm x 2440mm) - custom-cut sizes available upon request ( must cut from the full sheet minimum order)
  • Standard Thicknesses: .118 inch, .177 inch, .236 inch

    Tested with top brands of dry-erase markers
    Several brands of dry erase markers were tested on ACRYLITE® Marker Boards and left to dry for 15 weeks. All were easily removed with light pressure. The following brands performed well and completely wiped away with no ghosting or smearing: EXPO® Standard, EXPO® Low Odor, CenterStage, and Marks-A-Lot®.
    Features & Benefi ts of ACRYLITE Marker Board:
  • Smooth, glossy appearance with no residual ghosting, smearing or staining for years of continued use
  • Frameless design is economical, discreet and modern
  • Unlimited design options
  • Abrasion resistant coated on both sides for two-sided use
  • Lightweight and safe for any area
  • Alternative to conventional blackboard; no messy chalk
  • (ACRYLITE Marker Board) Acrylite® Marker Board
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