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Acrylite® RinkShield™ acrylic sheet

ACRYLITE® RinkShield™ acrylic sheet is the new standard in spectator shielding. The only acrylic engineered to meet ASTM and NHL regulations, RinkShield sheet holds up to puck and player impacts, provides greater flexibility than tempered glass, clearer viewing for fans and easier, quicker changeover operations for facilities.

RinkShield outperforms NHL deflection benchmarks for spectator shielding. A three-fold reduction in reaction forces over tempered glass significantly reduces the effect of impact on players and the possibility of injury. This is just one reason why arenas are making the switch from seamless glass to acrylic shielding systems.

Another reason is easy facility changeovers. Weighing 100 lbs. less per pane than glass, RinkShield is easier to handle and fabricate. Facility personnel can customize acrylic shielding on-site for camera portals and rink entrance gates allowing the arena to cut down on the amount of replacement stock they maintain.

RinkShield is available in 2 surface choices and 2 sheet sizes. Ask for "RinkShield" by name and eliminate aggravation caused by metric/imperial equivalents or "unacceptable tolerances".

  • Standard Thicknesses:
  • .500" thick (runs at .545" +/-.045" thickness tolerance)
  • Standard Sheet Sizes: 48" x 96", 60" x 96"
  • Custom Sizes Quoted upon Request.
  • (ACRYLITE RINKSHEILD) Acrylite® RinkShield™ acrylic sheet
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