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Heavy Equipment - Construction Related
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Acrylite® Securus™ acrylic sheet

ACRYLITE® Securus™ acrylic sheet
Evonik CYRO offers two grades of bullet resistant sheet approved for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • ACRYLITE® BR acrylic sheet is UL 752-Level I bullet resistant
  • ACRYLITE® Securus™ acrylic sheet is UL 752-Level II bullet resistant

    Manufactured using a cell cast process, there is no finer acrylic sheet to meet your strigent optical requirements. Each sheet is inspected and thickness tolerances are checked on a sheet-by-sheet basis to insure the material will provide the required protection. Identifying tapes are placed at one-foot intervals, indicating the material to be a UL listed bullet resistant product.

    For demanding applications where frequent handling, heavy traffic and regular cleaning are commonplace, ask for ACRYLITE® BR GAR acrylic sheet or ACRYLITE® Securus™ GAR acrylic sheet which offers an abrasion resistant coating on both sides.

    Bullet Resistant Sheet - Standard Product Offering
  • ACRYLITE BR - UL 752- Level I bullet resistant - 1.250" Thick
  • ACRYLITE Securus - UL 752-Level II bullet resistant - 1.375" Thick
  • ACRYLITE BR GAR - abrasion resistant - UL 752-Level I bullet resistant - 1.250" Thick
  • ACRYLITE Securus GAR - abrasion resistant- UL 752-Level II bullet resistant 1.375" Thick
  • (ACRYLITE Securus) Acrylite® Securus™ acrylic sheet
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