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Acrylic Rods - Extruded Plexiglass Rod

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Plexiglass Extruded Acrylic Rods are available from Professional Plastics in standard 6 foot lengths (full cases only). These economical plexiglass acrylic rods are excellent for use in POP Displays and other decorative items. They are normally supplied in a paper sleeve to protect during handling, but keep in mind that extruded acrylic rods do not have the optical clarity or machining characteristics of cast acrylic rod. In larger diameter rods (.875" dia and above) these high-quality extruded rods are commonly used as grab bars in showers, tubs and spas. Acrylic is moisture resistant, non-toxic and meets standard building codes for use in these applications.
  • Extruded Plexiglass Acrylic Rods are NOT for Machining.
  • For Machinable, Acrylic Rods, use CAST Acrylic Rods (sold by the foot)
    Extruded Plexiglass Acrylic Rod Features:
  • Sold in standard case quanities only.
  • Available in Standard Clear, Frosted or Custom Colors.
  • (ACRYLIC ROUND ROD) Acrylic Rods - Extruded Plexiglass Rod

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