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Acryflex-F® Sleeving

OVERVIEW of Acryflex-F® Sleeving

Acryflex-F® Sleeving
  • Class 155°C • Acrylic-Coated Fiberglass Sleeving (Grades A-B-C and C2)
  • Class 240°C • Acrylic-Coated Fiberglass Sleeving (Grade C3)
  • UL Recognized Component: 600 Volt, 155°C (Grade A) File No. E66526
  • UL Recognized Component: VW-1 (Grade C3 only) File No. E51556
  • Canadian Standards Association: 600 Volt 155°C (Grade A) File No. 37065
  • MIL-I-003190/3, ASTM D372, NEMA TF-1 ACRYFLEX-F fiberglass sleeving is a Class 155°C electrical insulation, manufactured by impregnating and coating a finely braided fiberglass sleeving with a dielectric film of acrylic resin. ACRYFLEX-F sleeving is recommended as a universal coated sleeving for all thermal requirements from Class 105°C through Class 155°C.

    ACRYFLEX-F sleeving is available in the following grades. The dielectric breakdown voltages given are measured according to ASTM D149, using a rate of voltage increase of 500 volts/second.
  • Grade A 7,000 Volts Min. Avg. 5,000 Volts Min. Indiv.
  • Grade B 4,000 Volts Min. Avg. 2,500 Volts Min. Indiv.
  • Grade C-1 2,500 volts Min. Avg. 1,500 Volts Min. Indiv.
  • Grade C-2 1,500 Volts Min. Avg. 800 Volts Min. Indiv.
  • Grade C-3 Space factor insulation only approx. 30 VPM.
  • 1⁄32" wall constructions available on special order.

    STANDARD COLOR: - #24 to 1⁄2" – Natural (varies from white to tan), black, red and yellow. 5⁄8" and Larger – Natural.
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Acryflex-F® Sleeving

    ACRYFLEX-F sleeving is widely used in fractional and integral horsepower motors on leads and crossovers. Other uses exist in dry and oilfilled transformers, relays of many types, radio and television circuits, welding apparatus and many others.
    ACRYFLEX-F sleeving is an overall superior sleeving in the 105°C to 155°C thermal rating range. Its compatibility with other components of insulation systems is equal or superior to any other type of sleeving in this temperature range. Use of this one sleeving for Class 105°C, Class 130°C and Class 155°C applications can permit reduction of sleeving inventory with attendant savings.
    ACRYFLEX-F sleeving has superior mechanical and electrical properties, providing its rated dielectric strength during and after the most severe handling in your application. It is fully compatible with most magnet wire coatings such as polyester, acrylic, polyamide, polyimide, epoxy and phenolic, and is proven in applications and laboratory tests in both sealed and unsealed systems.
    (ACRYFLEX-F SLEEVING) Acryflex-F® Sleeving
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