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GSA Contract Number: (pending)
Professional Plastics is a full line authorized distributor of more than 500 different industrial plastic materials including: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Teflon, Phenolics, Laminates, Polyethylene, PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, Vespel, Torlon, and many more. We stock semi-finished goods (plastic sheets, rods, tubing & film), as well as, providing fabricated parts.

We offer a full-time Government Procurement staff to assist Contracting Officers, Buyers and Agencies with their material needs and ordering process.

We maintain 18 well-stocked distribution warehouses in Calif, Washington, New York, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Ohio, Utah, Georgia, Singapore & Taiwan.
  • FSC: 9330, 9390, 4710, 8105, 8145, 8340
  • NAICS: 424610, 326111, 326112, 326113, 326121, 326122, 326130, 326140,326150,326199
  • Active CCR/ORCA Registered
  • WAWF Registered
  • 002345 Certified

    We accept Government Commercial Purchase Cards (GCPC), as well as Government Purchase Orders (GPO).
  • Shipping to Military Installations Worldwide.

    Orders may be placed by:
  • Nationwide Phone: 1-888-995-7767
  • Nationwide Fax: 1-866-776-7527
  • E-Mail:
  • Online:

    Professional Plastics is a vendor to hundreds of local, state and Federal Government Agencies.

    Professional Plastics has serviced numerous supply contracts including:
  • Department of Defense - U.S. Army - U.S. Air Force - U.S. Marines - U.S. Coast Guard - Northrop Grumman - McDonnell Douglas - Lockheed - Loral - Boeing - Army Corp of Engineers - and many more
    Client References: - Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, Defense Supply Center Columbus, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Subase Bangor-Silverdale, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, McAlestar Army Ammunition, Red River Army Depot, Fort Lewis, NASA Ames Research Center
    GSA Contract Number: (call for details)
  • Browse our comprehensive e-commerce website for off-contract purchase requirements.
  • Cage Codes: 42354, 1BNE1, 1SMZ3
  • DUNS# 137263104
  • Registered Small Business
  • GSA - Government Supply
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    Strato acrilico (ACRYLITE Securus) Acrylite® Securus ™
    Acrylite® Securus™ acrylic sheet
    (Acrilico MIL-P-5425) Aircraft Grade acrilico - Mil-P-5425 Sheet
    Aircraft Grade Acrylic - Mil-P-5425 Sheet
    (Acrilico MIL-P-8184) Aircraft Grade acrilico - Mil-P-8184
    Aircraft Grade Acrylic - Mil-P-8184
    (CCTV Custodia per telecamere) CCTV Camera Housing
    CCTV Camera Housing
    (COMPRATORI GOVERNO) Le offerte Governo - GSA Contract
    Government Bids - GSA Contract
    (Hygard) Hygard® BR - laminato resistente della pallottola policarbonato
    Hygard® BR - Bullet Resistant Laminated Polycarbonate
    (POLYCARB CG) Hygard® CG contenimento Grade policarbonato
    Hygard® CG Containment Grade Polycarbonate
    (LUCITE CP) Lucite® CP - strato acrilico
    Lucite® CP - Acrylic Sheet
    (MICARTA SHOTBLOCKER) Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic laminato
    Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic Laminate
    (PHENOLICSPECS) fenolici Specifiche
    Phenolic Specifications
    (PLEXIGLASS ACRILICO SCHEDA-ESTRUSO) Plexiglass - strato acrilico - ESTRUSO
    Sheet (POLYCARB Twinwall) policarbonato doppia parete
    Polycarbonate Twin Wall Sheet
    (Vedere attraverso MIRROR) bidirezionale vedi attraverso lo specchio di sorveglianza
    Two-Way See Through Surveillance Mirror
    (VINYL STRIP TENDA) Vinyl Strip Curtain
    Vinyl Strip Curtain
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