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FM 4910火安全塑料 - 概述

(FM4910)FM 4910火安全塑料 - 概述   
FM 4910火安全塑料 - 概述

Cleanroom Materials Flammability Test Protocol (Class 4910) As computer chips get smaller and faster, the manufacturing process required to create them gets more and more complex—even the slightest delay in production can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue. One of the major causes of delay in the chip manufacturing process is contamination. Contamination from a fire, no matter how small, could potentially put a chip maker out of business for weeks, if not permanently.
In the past, cleanrooms and wet benches needed to be protected by sprinklers or more expensive special fire-protection systems. But, by the time a cleanroom fire propagated and triggered a sprinkler or special fire protection system, damage could already have occurred in the rest of the cleanroom.
Driven by rising insurance costs and potential lost earnings, chip makers are requiring suppliers to use materials in wet-bench fabrication that are less flammable and therefore don't need additional—and costly—fire protection systems installed, so they will be inherently safe when they arrive in the cleanroom.
The Cleanroom Materials Flammability Test Protocol (Class 4910) contains the method for conducting tests. Now, wet-bench manufacturers and users can apply the cleanroom protocol to develop plastic materials and equipment capable of resisting fire, emitting little, if any smoke, and producing little, if any, corrosive by-products.
Materials passing the cleanroom protocol, subsequently, can be listed in the Approval Guide, a publication of FM Approvals.

FM4910-Listed Materials: - Click Manufacturer Links Below to Order Online
Compression Polymers Corp - Vycom Corp - CP7-D FRPP Sheet - Flametec CPVC - Halar 901LC - Kytec MP-20 (PVDF) Sheet - Cleanroom PVC-C
Boltaron - Boltaron 4225 White CPVC - Boltaron 4325 Clear CPVC Sheet - Boltaron 4910 White CPVC Sheet
Quadrant EPP
- Corzan®G2 Sheet PVC-C
Rochling Engineered Plastics
- Polystone® PVDF - Trovidur® PHT 4910
Simona AG - Simona America - Simona® PVC-C Rod (10-100mm diameter) - Simona® PVC-C Sheet - Simona® PVC-C Welding Rod (3-4mm diameter) - Simona® PVDF Sheet, Pipe, Fittings - Simona AG pure plus® PVDF Pipe, Fittings
Simona America - Brigade® CPVC - Brigade® PVDF - Brigade® VS-1
Takiron FM4910 Materials - FMEH 4305 (C-PVC) - FMET 4315 (PVC) - FMET 4325 (PVC) - FMH 5300 (C-PVC) - FMHL 5310 (C-PVC) - FMH 5305 (C-PVC) - FMHL 5320 (C-PVC) - FMHS 5650 (Clear, PVC) - FMHS 6630 (Yellow Clear, CPVC) - FMHS 6650 (Clear, CPVC) - FMND MR730 Static dissipative yellow CPVC - FMND MR760 Static dissipative CPVC - FMND 7305 (Static Dissipative, Yellow Tinted, PVC) - FMND 7600 (Static Dissipative, Clear, PVC) - FMND 7605 (Static Dissipative, Clear, PVC) - FMPP 3750 (Polypropylene) - FMPVDF F300 (PVDF) - FMSL 5670 (Clear, PVC) - FMT 3300 (PVC) - FMT 3310 (PVC) - FMT 3320 (PVC) - FMT 3330 (PVC) - FMT 3331 (PVC) - FMT 3700 (PVC) - FMT 3706 (PVC) - FM Rod FMH-ROD
Symalit AG
- Symalit PVDF Flex Sheet - Symalit PVDF Sheet
Sekisui Chemical- Eslon FM Plate E132FM Ivory PVC plate - Eslon FM Plate S401FM Clear PVC plate - Eslon Static Dissipative CPVC Plates CS401ATF Eslon Static Dissipative CPVC Plates CS401ATM - Eslon Static Dissipative CPVC Plates VHS401ASF - Eslon Static Dissipative CPVC Plates VHS401ASM
Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. - Hishi Plate 101-FM-CA
- Hishi Plate 101-FM-CA #2 Sheet -- Hishi Plate 101-FM-CW - Hishi Plate 101-FM-HC Sheet - Hishi Plate 101-FM-HR Sheet - Hishi Plate 101-FM-HT #1 Sheet - Hishi Plate 101-FM-HT #2 Sheet - Hishi Plate 101-FMPS21 - Hishi Plate 101-FMPS2B - Hishi Plate 101-FM-TC - Hishi Plate NEWTECH FMNH 12 - Hishi Plate NEWTECH FMNH 23 - Hishi Plate NEWTECH FMNH 30 - Hishi Plate NEWTECH FMNH 31 - Hishi Plate NEWTECH FMNS 11
HTP International - OUT OF BUSINESS - Corzan II White CPVC Sheet - Corzan 4910 White CPVC Sheet - HTP800 Clear PVC - HTP 800 Clear 1220 mm wide CPVC - HTP800AS ESD Brown Clear CPVC - HTP 800AS ESD Clear CPVC - HTP 800 ESD Coated (PVC-300/PVC-350) - HTP 800AS ESD U-V Orange Clear CPVC - HTP 800AS ESD U-V Yellow Clear CPVC - HTP 800 Ivory 9881CPVC - HTP800 Smoke Tint Clear CPVC - HTP 800 White 9880 CPVC

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