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DuPont Vespel® Polyimide


Vespel ® SP-1, Vespel SP-21, Vespel SP-22, Vespel SP-211, and Vespel SP-3 Polyimide Rods and Sheets

Dupont Vespel® polyimide is available in five standard grades:
  • Vespel® SP-1 - Unfilled. Maximum strength & elongation: lowest modulus & thermal conductivity: optimum electrical.
  • Vespel® SP-21 - 15% graphite (by weight). Enhances inherent wear resistance, improves long term thermal stability.
  • Vespel® SP-22 - 40% graphite (by weight). Gives low coefficient of thermal expansion. Maximum creep resistance.
  • Vespel® SP-211 - 15% graphite and 10% TEFLON® fluorocarbon resin (by weight). Lowest static friction.
  • Vespel® SP-3 - 15% MoS2 (by weight). Best wear performance in dry environments.

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    (Vespel Machine Screw, Flat Head, Slotted Drive) Vespel® Machine Screw, Flat Head, Slotted Drive
    Vespel® Machine Screw, Flat Head, Slotted Drive
    (Vespel Machine Screw, Pan-Head, Slotted) Vespel® Machine Screw, Pan-Head, Slotted
    Vespel® Machine Screw, Pan-Head, Slotted
    (VESPEL SP1) Vespel® SP-1
    Vespel® SP-1
    (VESPEL BALLS) Vespel® SP-1 Balls
    Vespel® SP-1 Balls
    (VESPEL SP-21) Vespel® SP-21
    Vespel® SP-21
    (VESPEL SP211) Vespel® SP-211
    Vespel® SP-211
    (VESPELSP22) Vespel® SP-22
    Vespel® SP-22
    (VESPEL-SP3) Vespel® SP-3
    Vespel® SP-3
    (VESPEL PARTS LIST) Vespel® Semiconductor Parts
    Vespel® Semiconductor Parts

    Vespel® parts and shapes made from high performance polyimide resin, offer the physical properties of engineered plastics, metals, and ceramics. Vespel advanced polymers were developed by DuPont in the 1960's and have become the standard in thousands of demanding applications.
    DuPont Vespel® polyimide Rods, Plates, Tubes & Rings are available to buy online from Professional Plastics, Inc. VESPEL® polyimide sheets and rods combine High-Temperature Performance, Natural Lubricity, Dimensional Stability, Chemical Resistance, Creep Resistance, and more. DuPont Vespel® SP shapes do not outgas or melt at any temperature & performs well in vacuum applications, even in extremely low cryogenic temperatures. Professional Plastics is a distributor of plastic sheets, rods and tubes. We stock Vespel polymide in major markets worldwide including San Jose, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, Seattle, Dallas, Houston & Singapore.

  • Professional Plastics has 18 locations in the USA, Singapore & Taiwan. USA locations in major metropolitan areas including: Bay Area (San Jose, CA), Los Angeles-Orange County (Fullerton, CA), San Diego, Sacramento, Portland (Tualatin, OR), Seattle (Tukwila, WA), Phoenix, AZ, Dallas (Richardson, TX), Houston, TX, Ogden, UT, Denver, CO, Kalispell, MT, Cleveland, OH, Buffalo (Orchard Park, NY) and Atlanta (Smryna, GA). Our Singapore location supplies Vespel to customers in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Now Open in Hsinchu, Taiwan
    USA locations export daily to Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany (Deutchland), Brazil, Netherlands (Nederlands), Denmark, Italy, Spain, and worldwide.
    Vespel® is a registered tradename of E.I. DuPont de Nemours. Products listed on this website are intended as a listing of typical materials available from Professional Plastics and does not imply any formal relationship between Professional Plastics and DuPont.

    Vespel® (ベスペル®) polyimide Vespel Sheet and Vespel Rods are produced from advanced polymers developed by DuPont. We offer all Vespel grades in both basic shapes and finished parts.

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