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Unilate® PBT
Unilate® PBT is a semi-crystalline polybutylene terephthalate that offers excellent strength, rigidity and machinability. Due to its superior chemical resistance, toughness and food contact approvals, Unilate is an excellent material for use in wet and dry food processing applications. For high speed wear applications, an internally lubricated grade, Unilate Lf is available.

This material offers 225ºF Continuous Use Temperature, coupled with chemical resistance to chlorine, caustic and acidic cleaning solutions (pH resistance from 2.0 to 9.0). Additionally, the butylene component of this product give it improved toughness and impact resistance when compared to PET.

With extremely low moisture absorption (0.08%/24 hr water immersion), Unilate PBT has improved dimensional stability for close tolerance parts and high resistance to staining from cleansers or food sauces. The moisture absorption of this product is lower than UHMW, Acetal, nylon and PET.

Unilate PBT is compliant with common sanitary standards used in the food industry; FDA (21CFR177.1660), USDA, 3-A Sanitary Standards for Dairy (3-A 20-21) and NSF Standard 51 & 61. Additional information on the status of Unilate PBT for each of these standards is available upon request from Nytef.

Although Unilate offers a relatively high CUT, potential end users should note that due to the chemical composition of all thermoplastic polyesters, this material should not be used continuously in hot water (170ºF and higher) or steam.

Common Applications: Pistons - Valves - Manifolds - Food forming/extrusion dies - Timing screws - Scraper blades - Pump components - Forming/guide components - Bushings & bearings Gears

Unilate® PBT Product Attributes:
  • 225ºF Continuous Use Temperature
  • High strength & stiffness
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Chemically resistant to chlorine and caustic/acidic cleaning agents.
  • Good UV resistance for outdoor applications
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Easily machined & fabricated
  • FDA, USDA, NSF & 3-A compliant
  • High "cost-to-value" ratio
  • Great For Food Processing Equipment
  •    (Unilate PBT) Unilate┬« PBT



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