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Statex™ ESd Polypropylene
Statex™ is a resilient static dissipative material that serves as an electrical barrier to both insulate and protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge. Constructed from durable Formex™ polypropylene, this proprietary formula offers exceptional dielectric strength, moisture resistance and dimensional stability, while meeting strict safety and environmental standards.

Statex™ is a superior electrical barrier because it does not generate static like other competing electrical insulation materials. If Statex&trade comes in contact with a static electrical charge, it safely dissipates the charge across the surface of the material to a ground.

Reliable Circuit Board Protection
Stationary electric charge commonly builds up on humans or objects, including pieces of electronics. If an electrically charged material comes near unprotected electronic equipment, it can discharge the current through circuit pathways and significantly harm sensitive electronic components, especially integrated circuits. In fact, as little as 10 volts of static electricity can cause permanent damage. Computer manufacturers often use static dissipative materials to insulate and protect their circuit boards. As a highly effective electrical barrier and static dissipative material, Statex is an ideal product for design engineers to use to keep circuit boards from developing static electricity between each other and from experiencing electrostatic shock from outside sources.

Long-Lasting Static Dissipation in Any Environment
Statex™ is specially formulated to function without the presence of humidity and has been proven to maintain its static dissipative properties over time. This means that Statex provides effective, enduring electrostatic discharge protection in any climate for the life of your product.

Statex™ is available in natural (white) rolls and is line-marked to indicate the dissipative side. It is can be ordered in the following three standard sizes::
  • Statex-10: 0.010 inches (0.25 mm) thick
  • Statex-18: 0.018 inches (0.46 mm) thick
  • Statex-31: 0.031 inches (0.79 mm) thick
    Statex™ ESd Polypropylene Product Features:
  • UL 94V-0 Flame Class Rating
  • Non-hygroscopic (moisture absorption <0.1%)
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Superior score and fold ability
  • Economical
  •    (STATEX ESd Polypropylene) Statex™ ESd Polypropylene

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