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Medical Implants (3842-IM)

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Medical Implants (3842-IM)
Medical Implants - From hygienic syringes to IV tubes to sterile exam gloves, plastics have played an integral role in the safety and effectiveness of modern medicine for the past several decades. And plastics continue to enable new advances including medical implants, that deliver more benefits to patients than ever before. Medical devices range from simple devices, to test equipment, to implants. Plastics are used more and more in these devices, for weight, cost, and performance purposes. Examples of medical devices include surgical instruments, catheters, coronary stents, pacemakers, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, X-ray machines, prosthetic limbs, artificial hips and knees, surgical gloves, and bandages. Professional Plastics offers dozens of medical grade plastics in FDA and USP Class VI approved versions. Click on the products below or contact our customer service team for more details.

(RADEL-R5500-PPSU) Radel® R-5500 - PPSU Rod & Sheet
Radel® R-5500 - PPSU Rod & Sheet
(Sustarin C MG Acetal) Sustarin® C Medical Grade Acetal Colors
Sustarin® C Medical Grade Acetal Colors
(Sustason PPSU MG (Radel R)) Sustason PPSU MG (Radel® R)
Sustason PPSU MG (Radel® R)
Ketron® PEEK LSG
(ACETAL COPOLYMER) Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
(PFA 450 HP SHT-ROD) PFA 450 HP Sheets and Rods
PFA 450 HP Sheets and Rods
(ULTEM1000) ULTEM™ 1000 (Unfilled) PEI
ULTEM™ 1000 (Unfilled) PEI
(Ultem - Medical Grade) SustaPEI MG (Medical Grade ULTEM™ HU100)
SustaPEI MG (Medical Grade ULTEM™ HU100)
(TEFLON SHEET/ROD-VG) PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
(UHMW - VIRGIN) UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
(POLYCARB MG SHEET) Polycarbonate - Machine Grade Plate - Sheet
Polycarbonate - Machine Grade Plate - Sheet

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