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Mass Transit - Rail (3743-MR)

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Mass Transit - Rail (3743-MR)
Professional Plastics offers a full-range of transportation grade materials used in Rail/Mass Transit Vehicle Interior Applications, Structural Components, Insulation Materials, and Electrical Switchgear Applications. We are a distribution partner to both Kleerdex Corp (Kydex® Sheets), and Boltaron® Corporation. Kydex® 6200 Fire-rated sheet is designed for use as interior components in mass transit vehicles such as subways, vans, buses and trains. This material meets both the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) & the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) for smoke emission & flammability as tested under ASTM E-662 & ASTM E-162. Many leading rail and mass transit manufacturers also specify Boltaron® Docket 90A-rated sheets for their thermoformed, fabricated and machined interior components. We also offer transportation-grade polycarbonate sheets such as Makrolon® TG and Palgard™ TG for window glazing. Professional Plastics is also a key supplier of composites and laminates including GPO-3, Phenolics, and G-10/FR4.

(Makrolon TG Transporation Grade Polycarbonate) Makrolon® TG Transportion Grade
Makrolon® TG Transportion Grade
(VESPEL SP1) Vespel® SP-1 Rod & Plate
Vespel® SP-1 Rod & Plate
(BOLTARON 4335) Boltaron® 4335 Sheet
Boltaron® 4335 Sheet
(CELTEC EXP PVC) Celtec® Expanded PVC Sheet
Celtec® Expanded PVC Sheet
(BOLTARON 6530) Boltaron® 6530 Sheet
Boltaron® 6530 Sheet
(Royalite R57) Royalite® R-57 Sheet
Royalite® R-57 Sheet
(DURA-CORE 1000) Dura-Core 1000 Composite Flooring
Dura-Core 1000 Composite Flooring
(PVC PIPE) PVC Pipes & Fittings
PVC Pipes & Fittings
(HALAR) Halar® - ECTFE
Halar® - ECTFE
(POLYIMIDE FOAM - Solimide®) Solimide® Polyimide Foam
Solimide® Polyimide Foam
(BOLTARON 6800) Boltaron® 6800 Sheet
Boltaron® 6800 Sheet
(BOLTARON 4205) Boltaron® 4205 Sheet
Boltaron® 4205 Sheet
(UHMW Angle) UHMW Angle
UHMW Angle
(SPIRAL) Spiral Cut Tubing - cable wrap
Spiral Cut Tubing - cable wrap
(TYGON 2375) Tygon® 2375 Tubing (replaces Tygon 2075)
Tygon® 2375 Tubing (replaces Tygon 2075)
(BOLTARON 4800) Boltaron® 4800
Boltaron® 4800
(KYDEX 6200) Kydex® 6200 - Fire-rated sheet for mass transit
Kydex® 6200 - Fire-rated sheet for mass transit
Seaboard® HDPE
(Polycarbonate Transport Grade - Palgard TG) Polycarbonate - Transporation Grade - Palgard™ TG
Polycarbonate - Transporation Grade - Palgard™ TG
(PVC-EXPANDED) PVC Sheet - Expanded PVC
PVC Sheet - Expanded PVC
(B2) B-2 Polyolefin Shrink Tube
B-2 Polyolefin Shrink Tube
(HDPE) HDPE Sheets & Rods
HDPE Sheets & Rods
FEP Tubing
(GPO-3 SHEET) GPO-3 Sheets
GPO-3 Sheets
(HDPE Sheets - Stress-Relieved (S/R)) HDPE Sheets - Stress-Relieved (S/R)
HDPE Sheets - Stress-Relieved (S/R)
(Polycarbonate GP Sheet) Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
(Makrolon® FP - Frit Polycarbonate) Makrolon® FP - Frit Polycarbonate
Makrolon® FP - Frit Polycarbonate
(BOLATARON 4330) Boltaron® 4330 Sheet
Boltaron® 4330 Sheet

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