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HomeMeldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
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    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International

Meldin® 7022, 40% by weight graphite filler (comparable to Vespel® SP-22)
Meldin® 7022 is similar to the Meldin 7021 for wear and friction, but it has the best overall dimensional stability (thermally), and the 7022 has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion – due to the relatively high graphite filler content.

Meldin 7000 series polyimides are formed using high-pressure mold presses, automatic resin-feeding systems, and computer-controlled hydraulics. Complex shapes can be molded, reducing the need for secondary machining operations. The Meldin 7000¡ series features operational temperatures of 600ºF for continuous operation and 900ºF for intermittent exposure, and tight tolerances of ±0.001 in. on both ODs and IDs.

  • Meldin 7022 is an excellent replacement for Vespel® SP-22 from DuPont (compare and save)
  • Stocked in 12" x 12" plates (44% more material than a 10" x 10" plate)
  • Compare Price to a 10" x 10" Vespel® SP-22 plate, remember that Meldin provides 44% more material
  • Meldin® is a registered tradename of Saint Gobain
  • Vespel® is a registered tradename of DuPont
  • Please contact our sales team for more information.
  •    (MELDIN 7022) Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
  • Meldin 7022 ISO Rods Data
  • Meldin 7000 Series Overview
  • Meldin 7000 Design Guide
  • Meldin Machining Guidelines
    Other Grades of Meldin
  • Meldin 7001
  • Meldin 7021
  • Meldin 7211
  • Meldin 7003
    Specifications - Approvals:
  • ASTM D6456-99 Type 2, Class 2
  • AMS3644 Class 3
  • Mil-R-46198 Type 2, Class 2
  • Honeywell MCS5016 Ty. 2, Cl. 2

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