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HomeAircraft Grade Acrylic - Mil-P-5425 Sheet
Aircraft Grade Acrylic - Mil-P-5425 Sheet
Mil-P-5425 Sheet (aka Heat-resistant Acrylite GMS and Polycast Poly II) is certified to meet or exceed Military Specification MIL-P-5425E. The sheet is preshrunk and undergoes an optical inspection which is among the most critical in the industry. Its optical qualities make it applicable to aviation windshields, wingtip lenses, instrument panels, and dust-cover applications as well as other aerospace transparent enclosures in monolithic or laminated form.
Mil-P-5425 is our most versatile material for aircraft glazing. Its applications span the entire spectrum of the marketplace, ranging from wing-tip lenses to edge-lit panels.
Available in both clear and color, this methyl methacrylate polymer is preshrunk vertically or horizontally depending upon our customers' requirements. Properties included improved resistance to weathering and aging.

  • Preshrunk acrylic sheet used for aircraft canopies & helicopter bubbles
  • Available Brands include: Cyro Acrylite GMS & Polycast Poly II
  • UVA - ultraviolet absorbing
  • UVT - ultraviolet transmitting
  •    (ACRYLIC MIL-P-5425) Aircraft Grade Acrylic  -  Mil-P-5425 Sheet


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